Streptavidin Aurosphere Superparamagnetic Beads - 200nm

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Product description 

The Aurosphere superparamagnetic particles from Magnostics represent a breakthrough in performance in magnetic separation - the magnetization of these particles is 3-5x higher. This means that bioseparations can be performed in minutes with a high level of efficiency, even in viscous solutions like cell lysates. The Streptavidin Aurosphere particles are conveniently coated with a dense layer of streptavidin that make them ideal for the separation of nucleic acids from Lysis Buffers used to collect clinical samples.


  • ISO13485 compliant production
  • Uniform size
  • Streptavidin biotin binding capacity 650-800 pmole/mg                  
  • Rapid, high efficiency separation


Magnet oxide content (weight) > 80%
Magnetic Moment > 30 emu/gm
Density 3.5 gm/ml 
Hydrodynamic diameter 200 nm
Coefficient of variance < 40%
Functionality Streptavidin biotin binding capacity 650-800 pmole/mg
Stability > 1 years
RNAase/DNAase Free Yes

Typical Applications

  • Cell separation
  • Next generation sequencing
  • In vitro diagnostics

Instructions for Use and SDS available - contact us