NExCoV-M, Manual Viral RNA extraction kit

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Magnostics NExCoV-M kit is a flexible and versatile option for manually nucleic acid purification process. It is a magnetic bead based nucleic acid purification technology intended for isolation and purification of viral RNA and DNA from human nasopharyngeal swabs with portable magnetic separators, such as Magnostics M96D-400 or M96S-1 separators.  It is specifically designed to recover RNA from SARS-CoV-2 viral particles contained in viral transport media based on the Silica Aurosphere® beads. Each kit contains enough reagent to perform 192 extraction of 0.5 mL clinical samples using 96 well plates (Note: kit is not sold with plastic or ethanol). 

Aurosphere Silica beads for 192 extractions are included in a kit.

Magnetic separator for 96 well plates (M96D-400 for deep well and M96S-1 for standard well can be ordered from Magnostics.