Magnostic M96D-400 Magnetic Separator

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The Magnostic M96D-400 Magnetic Separator is designed for medium-throughput purification of nucleic acids using Magnostic Silica Aurosphere beads in deep 96-well plates. Our separator uses an array of powerful magnets to achieve rapid and efficient separation. During the washing and elution steps, the initial homogeneously dispersed Magnostic Silica Aurosphere beads are rapidly separated into two pellets on one side of deep-wells, that allow for long pipette tips to thoroughly remove the buffer solution and minimize the operators error to ensure a convenient and high efficient separation.

Magnostic Silica Aurosphere beads excel in performing demanding separations from viscous samples, e.g. virus lysis buffers for RNA extraction, sputum, serum or whole blood, or in large volume applications where efficiency matters. The uniformity of these particles also makes them ideal for magnetic tweezers experiments.

Superior separation efficiency
Rapid separation times – 800 nm Magnostic Silica Aurospehre beads in 60 sec and 200 nm Magnostic Silica Aurospehre beads in 240 sec
Optical ports to monitor separation efficiency
Solvent resistant
Compact footprint - 132 mm x 90 mm


Volumes/well 25-800 μL
Bead compatibility Superparamagnetic
Separation times 60-240 seconds
Optical port diameter 7 mm
96-well plate compatibility Sarstedt Deep Well, Sarstedt Deep Well  MegaBlock®, 96 wells
Part Number M96D-400


Nucleic acid purification